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The Nature Island of the Caribbean

Officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica – Dominica is a beautiful island in the West Indies. Situated in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, with Guadeloupe located to the northwest and Martinique to the southeast, it was first founded on November 3, 1978.

Info to Know Before You Go!

Dominica Melville Hall Airport , Dominica Canefield Airport

In Dominica, the local currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD), but United States Dollars (USD), Euros and British Pounds are also accepted everywhere on the island. Exchange rates will vary; however, 1 USD is roughly equivalent to 2.70247 XCD.

Dominica is blessed with warm weather all year round, with winter temperatures averaging between 21 - 23 °C, and summer temperatures sitting around 23 and 30 °C. Dominica's rainy season takes place between August and September, and both tropical storms and hurricanes are to be expected.

Fun Facts!


One cool fact about Dominica is that Island Caribs, natives of the Greater and Lesser Antilles, still reside here today. They were the first inhabitants of the island and are known today as the Kalinago people. They named Dominica Wait’tukubuli, meaning “Tall is her body.”

Must Do's

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