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S.H.E. Getaways

Curated trips for women seeking to let their hair down and Getaway to an all inclusive luxury resort where they can have the freedom to indulge in self care, inner reflection and a well needed girls night out!

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See Her Emerge

It's time to strip away titles, expectations and roles and just simply BE. Ladies, it's time to


Are you running a business, managing your household, climbing the career ladder, providing health care assistance, raising kids, acting as therapist, chauffer, personal assistant , accountant, teacher and somehow maintaining a smile through it all? Simultaneously!?! This list is no where near exhaustive of all the titles, roles and expectations that women have. No wonder we lose ourselves. When do we have time to focus on our own well being? When was the last time you took yourself out on a date? Did something that you loved to do without compromise? As a matter of fact, do you even remember what you like to do? Test it out- Name 3 of your favorite hobbies.... Kudos to you, if you remembered! Now, when is the last time you've done them?

We tend to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. It's time to give our backs a break and put the bags down. Join us as we reconnect with ourselves, take in much needed guilt free rest and explore the islands we visit.

Refresh your vision, reenergize your soul and SEE HER EMERGE!

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Meet Your Host!

Group Experience Curator

Hello and Welcome!

I am Jeline Gulley, your Travel Experience Curator.

I’m a teacher, parent, lover of travel, explorer, and lately...self-care enthusiast.  I have spent over 15 years in classrooms teaching the next generation.  Recently, during some introspection, I realized that rest, just like teaching, needs to be strategic and intentional.  No more work ‘til I drop and then struggle like crazy to find some semblance of peace until the alarm rings and I start all over again. Insanity! 

So, I took a little field trip to locate sanity and I’ve discovered a way to do two things I love at the same time: Travel and Reconnect with Me! I, with the help of my dream team, have created an escape with you in mind. I want you to be whole; I want you to thrive! I invite you to join me in reprioritizing your physical and mental health through travel.  An empty vessel fills absolutely no one. You deserve to be filled. Let’s go! 

Come to Inspire and Be Inspired!

Inspiration Awaits

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