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Mystery Surrounds Disappearance of California Woman During Guatemala Yoga Retreat

Updated: Jan 9

In a startling turn of events, the idyllic setting of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala became the backdrop for an unfolding mystery as 29-year-old Nancy Ng from Monterey Park, Los Angeles County, vanished during a weeklong yoga retreat on October 14. What was meant to be a serene escape turned into a harrowing ordeal for Ng's family, who received the distressing news a few days into her trip.

Nancy Ng, who went missing in Guatemala in October. PHOTO: GOFUNDME

Nancy, enticed by a positive experience in 2022, returned to the retreat only to disappear, leaving her family in a state of turmoil. Officially reported missing on October 19, Ng's case has prompted a joint investigation involving the U.S. State Department, the FBI, and Guatemalan authorities.

"The last two weeks have been a living hell because when we first got the news that she was missing, we just had so many questions," shared Nicky Ng, Nancy’s sister, with KTLA. The family grapples with uncertainty, seeking answers amidst the anxiety of not knowing Ng's whereabouts.

As collaborative efforts between the State Department, FBI, and local authorities unfold, the Ng family faces challenges in their search. Despite deploying a private search and rescue team, Black Wolf Helicopters, using boats, drones, divers, and helicopters, no trace of Ng has been found.

Nancy Ng. Photo: GOFUNDME

Jared Lopez, Nicky Ng's partner, revealed on the GoFundMe page that the search encountered hurdles, including key witnesses swiftly returning to the United States without sharing vital information. Despite exhaustive efforts, the search has been temporarily halted, awaiting new leads.

Ng was last seen kayaking with fellow retreat participants, breaking away to explore a mile into the lake. According to the Guatemalan Public Ministry, Ng and another person ventured into the lake, where she reportedly jumped in for a swim before mysteriously disappearing.

"With every passing day, our family nightmare gets worse," expressed Lopez. The family's anxieties are compounded by the lack of information surrounding Ng's disappearance, intensifying the urgency of the ongoing search.

As the Ng family grapples with the anguish of the situation, the collaborative investigation underscores the importance of international and local cooperation in resolving cases of this nature.


Editor Note:

As avid travelers, our hearts are with Ng and her family during this challenging time. This poignant incident serves as a stark reminder that even in the most idyllic locations, unforeseen tragedies can unfold. To ensure the safety of our fellow adventurers, we strongly advocate for maintaining updated emergency contacts, investing in travel insurance, and choosing excursions from reputable vendors with U.S. legal ties and commercial insurance.

Many travelers may not be aware that some resort tour companies operate independently, without direct affiliation to the resort, even if their booths are on resort property. In the event of an unfortunate incident, the resort may not be liable or provide assistance. This underscores the value of engaging a Travel Advisor for a secure and well-guided experience.


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